Why Are Mary Jane Shoes So Popular

Mary Jane shoes have been around since the beginning of the 1900’s. They were even named after a popular comic strip character that kicked off our Sunday Comics tradition. Mary Jane was the girlfriend of a famous comic strip character named Buster Brown. In 1904, the Brown Shoe Company made Buster Brown himself a mascot for the company. Mary Jane shoes, named after the beloved girlfriend of Buster, became the name for a new kind of shoe called Mary Jane shoes. America fell in love and rightly so.

The original Brand House Direct Mary Jane Shoes weren’t very flashy and that was one of their strengths. They were perfect for little girls who needed a comfortable shoe to wear to church. They featured an open design on top, but also a strap that helped to secure the foot in place and keep little girls from losing their shoes or suffering from a lot of foot pain after wearing them. Women of all people know that women’s shoes can be the most uncomfortable thing on earth. Fortunately, Mary Jane shoes aren’t all that uncomfortable. With the strap, or straps in place for modern versions, they made for the perfect formal/play shoes.

A long time has passed since the Buster Brown comic strip and women in the 1920’s wearing these amazing Mary Jane shoes. Interestingly enough, Mary Jane shoes remain popular with girls and women everywhere. Finding them on sale in the summer is never any big deal. It’s just natural to see Mary Jane shoes on sale because they’ve been around for almost 100 years and let’s face it, they’ll be around for a 100 more because they’re almost the perfect little girl or modest woman shoe.

The comfort of Mary Janes has also come along way. No matter how much old time Mary Janes may have tried to be comfortable, they were always going to fall a bit short because the 20’s weren’t a great time for technology as we know it today. Today we’ve got many different variations of the Mary Janes that mothers and daughters wore years ago. There’s more variety in the shoe and more styles to choose from, even if they aren’t the original Mary Janes that people have come to know and love. Propets and Hush Puppies make great varieties of the original shoe and they’ve grown increasingly popular over the years.

It’s amazing to think that a 100 year old shoe design would survive and thrive 100 years later, but today the name Mary Jane is just as known in the shoe world as it is in other circles. Girls and women wear these shoes, love them, and have fond memories of them long after they wear their last pair. As time goes on, more and more shoe styles will come and go but the Mary Jane shoes that we all know and love today will continue to be a favorite year after year.

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